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You know eMail marketing is the best way to keep in contact with your customers; building relationships, brand recognition and loyalty while increasing sales and ROI.  We manage email marketing campaigns and solutions so you can focus on your work.  Since 2004 we have delivered campaigns for companies of all sizes including eCommerce websites, medical spas, and many other local businesses.

eMail marketing campaigns require both good planning and flawless execution to be most effective.  Fully-featured eMail platforms take a lot of the difficulty away by both ensuring mistakes don’t get made before the campaign begins, as well as providing the metrics needed to adjust your campaigns for your audience.

BizWonk has helped run successful eMail marketing campaigns for many years, using technologies ranging from free open-source tools to complete platforms.  We can recommend the platform that will work best for both your budget and your needs based on our experience.

NY Bronto Partner

BizWonk is a Bronto Partner.  Bronto is an advanced eMail marketing platform that can scale to very large campaigns.  It integrates easily with your existing business processes and the workflows can adapt to user actions during the course of the campaign.

MailChimp is a very popular eMail marketing plaform for medium volume campaigns.  The templates included display well across all devices, giving your campaign a polished look.  BizWonk is a MailChimp partner.

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