G and S Orchards
“Our retail success is directly linked to our ongoing and great relationship with BizWonk. Our CSA, Retail Outlets and You Pick operation would not be as successful today if it weren’t for BizWonk.” ~ Stephanie

What We Did

Website Development / Organic SEO / Social Media Marketing


In 2008 G and S Orchards came to BizWonk with a unique problem, they were running a u-pick orchard and farm stand, but they were unable to reach new customers and needed a way to keep existing customers up-to-date on hours for u-pick and farm stand, available produce, and all that they had to offer.  Gary and Stephanie had tried various advertising venues, but they were costly, not efficient and most importantly not bringing in the business they needed to grow the business.


After meeting with Stephanie we quickly determined that G and S Orchards needed a multi-pronged approach to get their name out to the masses.  We started out by building a website that was search engine friendly and showcased information about the farm and u-pick operation, produce, hours, and direction to their location.   The site was well optimized and was submitted to various search engines and local directories to achieve maximum results.  Even though the website was getting traffic the farm stand and u-pick were not seeing a huge uptick in business.

After the first season we quickly realized that website visitors had the misconception that orchard was located too far outside of Rochester.  We added a prominent notice on the website that G and S Orchards was only a short ride from downtown.  In addition we placed an advertisement on a free local website geared towards families with children.   The website was kept up to date with daily u-pick hours and availability and in the second season the farm really started to gain traction from Internet marketing.

As time passed we created Facebook and Twitter accounts that tied right into the website so live updates would be posted immediately if they needed to close due to inclement weather.

Today the company has more than quadrupled in size and has a strong following of loyal customers.

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