PPC Advertising Management
Reach your targeted audience on the right platform.
  • Analyze paid advertising platforms
  • Reach target audience
  • Launch and track campaigns
  • Increase sales and revenue

Google AdWords Account Management

  • Complete Google AdWords account setup, management and optimization
  • Identify strategies and keyword phrases to reduce click costs
  • Write compelling ad text
  • Develop landing pages or recommend improvements to existing pages
  • Promote and track specific conversions
  • Drive traffic based on variables such as visitor demographics, device type, or time of day
  • Monitor campaigns and identify areas of improvement

Social Media Ad Management

  • Analysis to determine the best platform to reach your audience
  • Social media account creation and management
  • Create ads with strong incentives and calls to action
  • Define target audience based on demographics and keywords
  • Landing page optimization
  • Performance review

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