"BizWonk helps us to dissect what is realistic and often cautions us to wait to see if a new initiative is a passing fad or has staying power. This type of industry expertise and guidance is invaluable since we aren’t experts in this area." ~ Vicky R.

What we did

Email Marketing |  Website System Integration | IT Consulting


GardenTrends originally started working with BizWonk in 2005 as the parent company decided they wanted to bring attention to the line of home gardener products they were selling.  They knew they needed a website, but were looking for advice and recommendations on how best to proceed.


BizWonk provided IT services that guided the company through gathering the requirements to support making GardenTrends a viable online marketplace.

BizWonk worked with GardenTrends to establish a website where data flowed seamlessly between internal systems and the eCommerce platform.  We ensured GardenTrends’ email platform was incorporated into the website, as well as, email sign-up forms, shopping cart abandonment, and list management were functioning properly.

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